Static Trapeze

In this aerial dance it is all about making every move look smooth and effortless, spectators will be amazed by the beautiful combination of strength and infinite grace and style.

We can perform static trapeze as a solo or duo act, and it can be tailor-made to fit a specific piece of music. Technical Info
Double Trapeze

This stunning boy-girl act features two performers working together in perfect synchronisation and performing figures together on a trapeze.

This dramatic display of power, poise and flexibility will astound the audience and is suitable for corporate events of all sorts. Technical Info
Aerial Hoop

This elegant and graceful aerial contortion act is performed in a suspended hoop, allowing the artist to spin in, with and around the hoop.

A sensual and harmonious act that will delight any audience. Technical Info
Spanish Web & Corde Lisse

This fast-paced, energetic act will leave audiences breathless. Spanish web is a combination of high-adrenaline spins and glides through the air as the artist twists and knots herself into a soft cotton rope.

We can perform this act as a solo or double act (two people on the same rope). Technical Info
Silks (Tissu)

As much an amalgamation of smoothness, elegance, grace and flexibility as a spectacular display of climbs, drops and falls, this act is an amazing aerial dance performed on long strips of suspended material. Technical Info
Cloud Swing

Trapeze and Spanish Web techniques combine in the explosive and dangerous cloudswing. Spectators are thrilled as spectacular acrobatics, dives and contortions are performed at an intense pace.

This act will truly electrify audiences and, as the name implies, leave an immense impression of gravity-defying height and power. Technical Info
Flying Trapeze

We are both accomplished flying trapeze artists and have considerable experience as GOs in Club Med and at schools in the UK and France. Alastair featured in the recent Smirnoff Vodeka Advert (see video below).

We run our own flying trapeze company Red Hands Flying Trapeze

If you are interested in classes, events or shows, please visit our website for more information:

Red Hands Flying Trapeze